Bibleway Christian Academy

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We Have A Winner!

Our Grocery Grab Fundraiser is over! We want to thank everyone for their support. A special thank you to PriceSmart Foods Clayton Village for allowing us to hold the event at their store. For more information on the winners please click here.

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Winter Is Here!

With the cold season here and the chance of snow possible we want to ensure you are up to date with school closures due to weather. We will be posting all school closure updates on the BCA website homepage. Please be sure to refresh your browser on possible snow days as we could have posted an announcement, but your computer is displaying a cached version of the site.

Any questions regarding this, please be sure to call the school.

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Support Uganda!

Bibleway Christian Academy is pleased to announce an exciting opportunity to support Uganda! When the Grades 10 - 12 student returned in April from their trip to Uganda, they were burdened to find a way to assist and impact Uganda beyond the few days they were there in March.

After many weeks of time and energy, BCA is proud to present an opportunity that will allow, not just our school, but everyone to be involved. To find more about this project and how you can support it, click here or the image above!

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